Title: TheTrueInterpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible

Author: Kostas Tzouvelekis

Originally published as a Physical book in 2012 by: Advocate House,

An imprint of ACappela Publishing, Sarasota, FL

ISBN: 978-0-9846177-4-6

Reviewed by: Jodi Grant

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In an exhaustive treatise on beliefs of Christianity, Philosophy and Science, the Author refutes commonly held but very false and wrong Theories such as the famous Big Bang Theory, Inflation Theory, Quantum Theory, Hyperspace Theory, Black Hole Theory etc… and Biblical interpretations concerning the false personal return of Christ to Earth, the falsely anticipated Rapture, the false 7 year Tribulation and the false expectation of the Antichrist.


Basing his work on recent revelations about the meaning of The Revelation of John, the Author predicts a devastating World War III, followed by a literal thousand year era of peace, prosperity and the ruling of the Earth by the true Christian Church.  He reinterprets some of the translation errors in the King James Version of the Bible, and offers the Prophetic interpretations of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos (the true Elias-see next pages).


The mystery of God” as stated in Chapter 10 verse 7 in the Revelation of John, is that the kingdom of the world will soon become the kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ. After the third part of Armageddon (World War III), Christianity will become the global religion of the whole Earth, with all other pseudo-religions being abolished and with the Jews recognizing the Lord Jesus as their true Messiah and Savior. They will reject their own religion and become Christians,” states the Author.


Within the Revelation of John, God Himself has given some extremely important verses which could only be interpreted by him who was destined and prepared by God to do so, at a specific time. God has pronounced who and when, indicating the one and only true interpretation not only of the Revelation of John but also of the Bible, which the Author puts forth in this exhaustive study.


Whether you accept the Author’s views or not, you are in for an exciting journey, examining and either rejecting or reaffirming your basic beliefs about God, the Universe, Earth, Humanity, Science, Philosophy and Religion of the future.


The true Interpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible is available at various bookstores such as Amazon (in Paperback and in Kindle form) and Barnes and Noble, as well as in other famous bookstores. An EBook version of the book is available for purchase on this website.


NOTE: the book was awarded the best in its category distinction for 2013 in the Digital Bear Book Awards, and the Finalist distinction for 2013 in the International Book Awards. It is all on the Internet so that anybody can check this, for the truth of the matter.


Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos


Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos

Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos is the creator the Christian Philosophical System of Epignosis, which the Revelation of John refers to as the rod of iron (Chapter 2 verses 26-27, Chapter 12 verse 5 and Chapter 19 verse 15) which is the Holy Grail of Knowledge. Arnellos possessed the greatest of all human minds of which the Lord Jesus said in Matthew, Chapter 17 verses 11-13:

Jesus replied to them, Elias comes first and he will restore everything. But I tell you Elias already came and did not epignosize him, but they did to him whatever they wanted. Likewise and the Son of man will suffer by them. Then the disciples understood that he was talking about John the Baptist.

In Mark, Chapter 9 verses 12-13:

He replied to them as follows, Elias shall come first and he will restore everything and it is written for the Son of man to suffer much and to become humiliated; but I tell you Elias already came and they did to him whatever they wanted as it is written about him.

The Elias that was to come after John the Baptist, who had already come and was slain, is Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos above ,who restored everything as Jesus replied to his disciples above and whose gigantic Spiritual Work, after the Third World War (WWIII), will lead the whole world into Unity in Christ and to true global peace.

While Prophet Malachi in Chapter 4 verses 4-5, for Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos states:

Behold, I will send you Elias the prophet before the coming of the great and eminent day of the Lord: who will restore the heart of the father to son and the heart of the man to his neighbor….

King David in Psalm 2 verse 9 for the Christian Philosophical System of Epignosis, called in the Bible as the rod of iron also states:

You shall break them with a rod of iron; you shall crash them into pieces like earthen pots.


Further, Apostle Paul in Hebrews, concerning the Christian Philosophical System of Epignosis created by Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in Chapter 10 verses 26-27 states:

For if we sin willfully after receiving the Epignosis of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins, but a fearful receiving judgment and a fiery indignation which shall consume the adversaries.

And because the matter of Epignosis is so huge for humanity, Apostle Paul refers again to Epignosis in Ephesians Chapter 4 verses 13-14:

until we all come to unity of the faith and to the Epignosis of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: that we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro and carried away with every wind of doctrine, by the fraudulence of men, through the cunning to the method of deceit.





The great Prophet Daniel in Chapter 12 verse 4, 6 states:


But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, until the time of the end : many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased……..And one said to the man dressed in red, who was above the water of the river, until when will be the end of the wonders which you have spoken?


And then in continuing in verse 7 Daniel states:


and I heard the man that was dressed in red, who was above the water of the river and he raised his right hand and his left hand to Heaven and swore to Him who lives forever and ever, that in time, times and half of a time, when the scattering of the hands of the Holy people would be completed, all these things shall be known.

Prophet Daniel was asked to shut up the words, and seal the book, until the time of the end. Obviously the Scriptures and many other wonderful things, were to remain sealed until a specific time according to God’s plan which unfolds as per God’s divine will and which has been superimposed upon the entire Universe as a Law, the Triadic/Trinitarian Law which directs everything to a much higher state of existence than the present.


Then Daniel heard the man that was dressed in red, who was above the water of the river to speak out the following superb phrase: that in time, times and half of a time, when the scattering of the hands of the Holy people would be completed, all these things shall be known.


Now, the man that was dressed in red, who was above the water of the river, is Jesus Christ Himself and He was dressed up in red, because on the Cross where He was crucified, He was stained with his own blood. The river is the Euphrates river and at that time it looked like a sea.


The fact that Jesus Christ stands above the water of the river, shows the domination that Jesus Christ has over the nations, since the waters in general in the Bible symbolize the various nations

of the Earth. (See Revelation of John, Chapter 17 verse 15 and Isaiah, Chapter 17 verses 12 and 13.)


The duration of the time period, time, times and half of a time, mentioned above by Daniel after which, all these things shall be known, is definitely defined in the Revelation of John as follows:


And the woman fled to the desert, where she has a place prepared by God, in which to be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days. (Chapter 12, verse 6)

And to the woman were given the two wings of the great eagle, so that she can fly to the desert, to her place in which to be nourished, for time, times and half of a time, from the face of the serpent. (Chapter 12, verse 14)

As it is very obvious from these two verses the period time, times and half of a time is exactly equal to one thousand two hundred and sixty days. And this time period is actually 1260 years, because according to the prophet Ezekiel Chapter 4 verse 6 and according to Numbers Chapter 14 verse 34, one day corresponds to one year.

In the two verses above, John is comparing the same thing: the departure of the primitive Christian Church of Jerusalem, which comprises the Prime of the Christian Church of God, (the woman-the Holy people that Daniel states above), to the ascetic monasteries (the desert) which had already been prepared for the Church by the Providence of God, from great men of faith who pre-departed to the Egyptian desert, like Saint Paul of Thebes whose monastery lies a few miles from the Red Sea coast of Egypt and is surrounded by desert and mountains.


The Holy city, Jerusalem, was besieged by the Arabs (the Beast of Islam) in the year 636 A.D. which they finally managed to invade and capture it in the autumn of the next year, 637 A.D.

Consequently, the primitive Christian Church of Jerusalem, was forced to depart to the desert monasteries, as was explained above, in order to be saved by the barbarous and rapid expansion of Islam, for 1260 years as John states in Revelation above (since the period time, times and half of a time is exactly equal to one thousand two hundred and sixty days, and these days are actual years, as it was explained above).
The fact that the Beast of Islam, initially represented by the Arabs, who were later on replaced by the Turks, was given authority to fight and persecute the Christian Church for 1260 literal years, is also verified very specifically by the Revelation of John in Chapter 13 verses 4-5 as follows:


…Who is like the beast? And who can fight against it? And was given to it a mouth to speak great and blasphemous words and was given to it authority to make war for 42 months.


The 42 months when converted into days, are equal to 1260 days since each biblical month is equal to 30 days, and 42 times 30 gives 1260. And these 1260 days, are literal years as stated in Ezekiel, Chapter 4 verse 6 and in Numbers, Chapter 14 verse 34 as has been already mentioned.


If we were to take the 42 months literally, which is something that many scholars and writers have done, it would have been a great mistake. Because, since each biblical month is equal to 30 days, thus if we divide 42 by 30 we get 3.5 years. This means that 42 months is equal 3.5 years.


Now according to verses 4-5 of the Revelation of John in Chapter 13 stated above, it is impossible for a state entity (the beast) to appear on the world scene, to be fully active and to decline and finally to disappear in 3.5 years. This is impossible, since this time period is too small for all these activities to take place.


And we must recall that the great Prophet Daniel, refers to the state entities as beasts (see Daniel Chapter 7).


The great and blasphemous words, are spoken five times a day by the Muezzins, the religious preachers of Islam, as they summon their followers to prayers from the top of the Minaret.

Therefore after the time period of 1260 years, the primitive Christian Church had to return from the desert at the specific year of 1896 A.D., since 1260 plus 636 which is the year of besiegement of the Holy city, Jerusalem, by the Beast of Islam, gives us the year 1896 A.D.

And this is exactly what happened since the primitive Christian Church returned from the desert in the exact year of 1896 A.D., and under the leadership of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos who created a Christian brotherhood, announced her return from the desert by a high proclamation which Arnellos termed as “Epignosis” of the Triadic/Trinitarian God.

And it must be said that the word “Epignosis” is of Greek origin and means “the full and complete knowledge” of something and in this case this something is God Himself, His Laws, His Plan of Creation, His Creation and His Formation of the Universe, the Unsealing of His Prophesies in the Bible and in the Revelation of John, the resolution of the Mysteries of the Universe, and providing the correct answers to various other formidable issues on the Theological, Scientific and Philosophical level, that have puzzled the human mind through the eons of human history.

Thus the true answer to the superb question mentioned by Daniel in Chapter 12 verse 6 just stated above:… until when will be the end of the wonders which you have spoken?, is exactly and precisely the Supreme year of 1896 A.D., when the primitive Christian Church returned from the desert, and under the leadership of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos, she justly claimed her own rights for world domination.


Because all human invented Political, Social, Philosophical, Economical, Educational and Spiritual Systems have bankrupted, since they failed to serve and lead humanity to the Ultimate Source of Life and Truth (the Triadic/Trinitarian God and His Son Jesus Christ) due to their blindness, incapacity, inability and rotten and corrupted nature.


And this is why in a little while, all these Systems will collapse into a heap of rubble and will be buried in the dust of sin, irrevocably and irreversibly.


While the wonders that Daniel mentions above are: The Supreme work of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos, who under the guidance of the Holy Spirit among other things, did the following:


  • He Unsealed/Unlocked the Revelation of John and the Bible and he provided the true Interpretation of the Scriptures.
  • He solved the great Mysteries of the Universe (the Universal Sphinx).
  • He Provided the True Answers to the Critical Scientific issues that Science is still struggling to find out.
  • He Proved the definite Existence of the Triadic/Trinitarian God, by using Mathematical Analogies through the Ontological Scale, which is a formidable achievement.
  • He proved that the famous Big Bang never existed, and he provided the Correct Explanation concerning the Creation and the Formation of the Universe.
  • He Criticized and Corrected Einstein’s Theories which are Wrong and False as well as other famous also False Theories of greater Scientists than Einstein such as Newton, Maxwell, Planck etc…
  • He Criticized and Corrected various Philosophical Systems and Theories of famous Philosophers such as Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, Baruch de Spinoza, Immanuel Kant, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Shelling, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, etc…
  • He Criticized and Corrected Sigmund Freud’s Theory of Psychoanalysis which says totally nothing about the Properties and Features of the Soul (Psyche), despite the fact that it is called Psychoanalysis (analysis of the Soul).
  • He prepared the way so that the Lord Jesus would establish His kingdom on Erth (not personally but through His Church) by creating (under the guidance of the Holy Spirit) and proclaiming to the world the Christian Philosophical System of “Epignosis” (the rod of iron) as stated in the Revelation of John chapter 2 verses 26-27, chapter 12 verse 5, chapter 19 verse 15 and in King David Psalm 2 verse 9.

And precisely because Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos, prepared the way so that the Lord Jesus would establish His kingdom on earth (not personally but through His Church, which will happen in our days), very accurately Prophet Malachi in Chapter 4 verses 4-5, states:


Behold, I will send you Elias the prophet before the coming of the great and eminent day of the Lord: who will restore the heart of the father to son and the heart of the man to his neighbor….


There is no doubt that the phrase Elias the prophet that Malachi refers to, is Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos since the original Prophet Elias had already come a long time before Prophet Malachi’s time. And it is certain that the original Prophet Elias, certainly did not: restore the heart of the father to son and the heart of the man to his neighbor.


While the Superb work of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos, after the horrible Third World War (WWIII), will restore the relationship between the Christian Churches (the heart of the father to son-as Prophet Malachi states above) which are now divided, and will establish the so much seeked Unity among them by destroying all heresies, sects, doctrinal differences, divisions and obstacles which now exist between them.


While the phrase of the man to his neighbor, certainly means that all other Religions except Christianity after the Third World War (WWIII) which will precede, will be eliminated and will cease to exist, since in essence they are just heresies and nothing more.


And this will also take place through  the Superb work of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos .Thus all  non-Christian nations of the Earth that will survive the above horrendous War, will become Christians and therefore together with the surviving Christian nations of the Earth, will all be united like one nation. This is exactly the will of the Almighty and Infinite, Triadic/Trinitarian God.


Due to the fact that, the coming of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos and the proclamation of Epignosis”, are two very big events for humanity, they are both prophesied multiple times in the Bible by Prophet Daniel, by King David in Psalms, by Prophet Isaiah, by Prophet Malachi, by Prophet Habakkuk, by Prophet Zechariah, by Apostle Peter, by Apostle Paul, and even by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and by the Revelation of John, verifying thus the enormous and critical importance of this issue which in a very short time, will be imprinted upon the conscience of the nations that will survive the horrible, cruel and very soon coming Third World War (WWIII).








  • FIRSTLY, THE THIRD WORLD WAR (WWIII)-THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE OF ALL WILL PRECEDE, AND IT IS COMING EXTREMELY SOON. (The global destruction caused, would be unimaginable and beyond measure.)



(God the Father, in order to purify us, will thrust His Holy Spirit upon the whole Earth in such a way that the Holy Spirit will come to each one of us individually and will reveal to each one of us, our own personal sins and iniquities. Therefore each one of us will see his own personal sins and iniquities, through the eyes of the Holy Spirit who will reveal to us the dark side of our inner self. This will hurt us so much, that we would prefer we were never born. Because, we will discover that the darkness within us due to our sins, wickedness and lawlessness, is much worse than the deep darkness of the night.)




  • THE ABOVE TREMENDOUS EVENT WILL BE FOLLOWED, AND IT MAY EVEN COINCIDE, WITH THE GREAT AND UNIQUE PHENOMENON OF THE UNIFICATION OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. (And so the great prophecy of our Lord Jesus Christ as stated in John Chapter 17 verse 21, will be fulfilled : So that everybody is one exactly as you, Father, in me, and I in you)


  • THEN WILL FOLLOW ANOTHER GREAT AND UNIQUE PHENOMENON, WHICH IS THE FULL CHRISTIANIZATION OF THE JEWS, WHO WILL ACCEPT AND EMBRACE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR TRUE MESSIAH AND SAVIOR. (And so the great prophecy of Archangel Gabriel as stated in Luke Chapter 1 verses 31-33, will be fulfilled:and you shall call his name Jesus. He shall be great and shall be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God shall give to him the throne of his father David, and he shall reign over the house of Jacob (the Jewish nation) forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end.)


  • THEN WILL FOLLOW THE GLOBAL SPREADING OF CHRISTIANITY  LIKE WILDFIRE UPON THE WHOLE EARTH, THROUGH THE CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEM OF EPIGNOSIS (THE ROD OF IRON) CREATED BY IOANNIS (JOHN) G. ARNELLOS. (And so the great prophecy of the Revelation of John in Chapter 12 verse 5 will be fulfilled: And she gave birth to a male child, who shall shepherd all nations with a rod of iron ;)


This last event, will lead all nations into global Unity in Christ with Christianity becoming the global religion of the whole Earth. Thus true global peace and justice will be finally achieved and the Earth will become a true reflection of the Heavens, something which the great Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos used to call as the “Heavenization of the Earth”.


(This Website was created on 20th of December 2016)

The Author, Kostas Tzouvelekis, studied Engineering in England (U.K.) for a number of years. He was awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Hons in Engineering as well as Diploma of Higher education (Dip.H.E.) from Oxford Brookes University. Further he enhanced his studies and he was awarded the Degree of Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) from the University of Liverpool also in England (U.K.).


After completing his studies, he returned back to Greece where he served in various Shipyards and Shipping Companies as a Production Engineer, Technical assistant, Superintendent Engineer, D.P.A., Safety and Quality Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Ship Repair Estimator and in the Purchasing Department of Hellenic Shipyards where he is currently employed.


In his continued pursuit of knowledge, and after a tremendous Spiritual event that took place and which turned his life upside down, he discovered with awe enormous fallacies in the official Christian Church’s interpretation of the Bible/Scripture as well as in various other interpretations offered by many other Authors/Scholars dealing with the same issue, and also in the popular Scientific Theories of today.


To his great surprise he found out that various Authors/Scholars who have written many things on the subject of Bible and Scripture interpretation in general and who rather unfortunately have become very famous, are very confused, have been heavily deceived and have enormously misconceived the word of God. While the official Church interpretation on these very important issues, is so far from the truth as the Sky is from the Earth.


The result of this, is that millions of people who believed in such views, have been so much misled that almost all of them now, among other deceits, expect to be “Raptured in heaven by the Lord”. Something truly insane, that will certainly not happen.


The same holds true for the scientific firmament. Many Scientific Theories which are extremely popular today such as the Big Bang Theory and many others are full of delusions, misconceptions, arbitrary concepts, absurd ideas and conflicting arguments. And the great irony is that many Scientists believe that through these false and wrong Theories, have explained everything, while the truth is that they have explained nothing.


In fact, their great achievement is that, they have produced a monstrous distortion of the truth, with no way out, which in a little while will collapse like a tower made out of straws.


What seemed impossible and unbelievable to the Author was the fact that, almost all delusive Scientific and Philosophical Theories as well as almost all false and wrong Bible/Scripture interpretations, have found wide recognition and acceptance by the public.


While the one and only true, unique and actual Bible/Scripture interpretation as well as the true Scientific and Philosophical Theory, which restores the truth with enormous strength and clarity, remains totally unknown to the world, something that the Author considers as inconceivable.


Therefore for these obvious reasons, it was necessary to create the present book and publish it so that the public is informed the truth about these tremendous and absolutely stunning issues.


The book is of priceless value because, it took many years of great effort to find, gather, and to finally put together what you are about to read. The information contained in the book is very rare and cannot be found anywhere else, since it belongs to the previous century and to the century before. You will find truths about the Bible, the Revelation of John, and about the great Philosophical and Scientific issues that have puzzled the giant intellects of humanity throughout human history.


The Author’s objective and only concern is to reveal the errors commonly accepted and enormously popular today and to restore the truth, which is the aromatic fragrance of the Breath of God.


From the perspective of God, as revealed through Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos, you will discover a very good reason why this information has remained globally unknown until now. Read the book and discover the proofs of these new interpretations and learn of the Golden and Glorious era that will follow over the whole Earth, after the horrendous and exceedingly severe Third World War (WWIII).


NOTE: The Author is absolutely convinced that the book would become widely known after the unbelievably destructive Third World War (WWIII) which will precede, and which will come extremely soon due to the great sins, iniquities and lawlessness of humanity and due to the incredibly great idolatry/idol worshipping of our epoch, which is the greatest blasphemy of humanity towards the Creator-God, which preferred to love and embrace the insignificant Creation (in the sense of materialism) instead of the Super-Perfect Creator-God.


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